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Why we need a new markup language
2006-05-18 ― The web is in need of a successor for the ancient HTML 4.01 standard. Here's my vision.
Taking a look at PHP 6
2006-03-12 ― Lets see what the future has in store for us.
Why use a DTD anyway!?
2005-12-22 ― The DTD, a leftover from the SGML era. Why exactly are we still using it!?
The title element
2005-11-06 ― What's the purpose of the title element when its content is sometimes the same as the h1 element?
IRIs, URIs and URLs
2005-09-06 ― The difference between the three.
Why web standard matter
2005-08-25 ― Without it web standards, there'd be no web. So lets all get together and start supporting them!
Valid means nothing
2005-06-06 ― Valid markup is nothing to be proud of. Semantical markup, that's something to be proud of.
Yes, the html element can be styled
2005-06-03 ― Something not everyone knows that can save you from redundant <div id="container"> elements.
Using the .htaccess file
2005-04-30 ― The Apache Web Server's configuration file that can be used for a lot of interesting and useful tricks.
Seperating style from structure?
2005-04-20 ― Everyone keeps ranting that we should seperate the presentation from the structure, but is using divs instead really much of an improvement?
2005-04-12 ― My reasons why I don't use XHTML (yet) and why you shouldn't either.